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The Origin of Meditation: Making Bonds with the Universe

It could be said that the origin of meditation — of making ‘bonds with the universe’ — began with the young Buddha’s first experience of meditation.

The Hymn of the Avatar

The only way to describe the essence of the Avatar was through a hymn. It could not be a work of discourse, not a book of stories. It had to be a hymn.

Could Meditation Influence Weight Loss?

Overeating often has deep psychological reasons behind it. Could meditation help you achieve balance in your life, and improve your physical fitness too?

The Five Best Meditation Apps for 2017

Here are five of the best meditation apps for 2017 to help you in your search for serenity.

To Be or Not To Be: a Shakespeare Meditation

In Subhuti’s play, Hamlet remains downcast and feels doomed until he meets a mysterious character called Nobody, who teaches him the art of “not to be”.

Meditative Hypnobirthing Music

I had no concept of how much anxiety was interfering with my daily life… until I took a Hypnobirthing course with my wife.

Yoga, Meditation, and Hunting

From hunting I had already discovered the connection between body and mind. Yoga strengthened and reinforced that connection.

Music & Meditation

Music & meditation share something in essence. Music, when it ́s created from this natural state of Being, has a wonderful vibration.


Here are a few things that helped me overcome my own social anxiety, and learn to actually enjoy being around people, over a period of a few years.

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