Meditation makes sex better by allowing you to be more present and relaxed with your partner.

Sex, for lack of a better word, is awesome.  Most of us humans love to have it.  Still, many people have something of a problematic relationship with sex.  Many men have had the experience of just not being able to “get it up” (or they can but it doesn’t stay up for very long), and many women have had the experience of being unable to get wet, at least occasionally.  These issues can be embarrassing, but they are often just the tip of the psychological iceberg; manifestations of a much deeper problem.

While some people do have physical, physiological issues that stop them from being able to have a great sex-life, sexual problems in young people are far more often psychological in nature, rooted in anxiety and “not being in the moment.”  Meditation is pretty much a tailor-made cure for those particular mind-patterns, and thus it is a very logical cure for sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inadequate lubrication, and many more.

Meditation allows you to be not only more relaxed but also more present with your partner.  This not only allows you to overcome the obvious “problems” (like not being able to get it up at all), but also gives you more control over things like how long you last, how much pleasure you can give to your partner, and how much pleasure you receive yourself.  Perhaps even more importantly (and my personal favorite sexual benefit of meditation)… coming into the present moment to really “be with” your partner allows you to have a much deeper and more profound connection, both in the bedroom and out of it.

With all of these important benefits, you might consider meditation to be one of the greatest assets you have for improving and enjoying your sex life.  Good luck, have fun, enjoy and be safe!!!

Namaste 🙂

May all beings be happy!