Russell Brand Crusading for Meditation

Russell Brand has become one of the most outspoken meditation advocates of our generation.

Russell Brand didn’t have the easiest childhood.  Sexually abused at seven years old, Brand suffered from psychological dysfunction as a youth and drug addiction as a teenager.  Finding fame as an actor and comedian didn’t do much for him psychologically; Brand later described his experience of fame and fortune as “ashes in my mouth.”  However, he eventually found meditation, which turned his life around completely.

Brand is now one of the most outspoken advocates of meditation in our generation, and has become a very popular speaker within the Transcendental Meditation organization (which has attracted a large following of celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, and Jerry Seinfeld).

Talking about Russell Brand is all well and good and everything, but hearing his eloquent oration is sooo much better 🙂  Enjoy!

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Author: Kevin Ellerton

Kevin is an ever-changing flow of matter and energy that is often described as "human." From the perspective of those who perceive him as a discrete entity, Kevin has been traveling the world, teaching & writing about meditation since 2010. Kevin loves you and wants you to be happy, for, in his words, "we are all one consciousness," or some weird hippie crap like that.

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