About Meditation Magazine

Meditation Magazine is the world’s #1 publication of meditation information for the millennial generation!

We at meditationmag.com believe that meditation can save the world… by making people happier, one human at a time.  As happiness blossoms in individuals, peace, love, unity, and cooperation bloom in our societies.

Our Mission

Every single writer, editor, and webmaster on our team is dedicated to bringing the power of meditation into mainstream society, all around the world.  This is not a “religious mission” of any kind; in fact, we all come from different religio-spiritual backgrounds.  Rather, we see this as a public service, more along the lines of psychology and public health.  Our mission is to bring peace, love, and happiness, to you, and to all conscious beings enjoying life upon this planet.

Our Publication

We just launched this site on November 25th, 2014, so we are still working out the kinks and getting things rolling.  If you find any broken links or technical problems with the site, please email us to let us know!

Our Style

Since our aim is to bring meditation awareness to a young-ish, internet-savvy audience, we try to keep things fun, casual, personal and interactive.  Aside from the “news” and “science” sections of our website (which are based on rigorously fact-checked news sources and peer-reviewed scientific journals), our articles are based on the personal real-life experience of the authors.  We don’t exclude articles from the site just because they don’t jive with the personalities of our editors, which means our magazine is able to encompass a wide range of perspectives on meditation.  We believe that each person has a unique perspective; that’s why we’ve set up our magazine to incorporate insights from different writers with different styles of meditation and different ways of looking at the world.  This is an open-source project in meditation awareness.

How We Work

As an open-source magazine, we welcome articles from anyone with something to say about meditation.  If you are a meditation teacher who wants to connect with more students, a meditation author with a book to promote, or just an experienced meditator with insights to share, please feel free to email us your articles, along with a short bio & contact info.  Your article will be reviewed by our editing team, and if selected, polished as necessary and sent back to you for final approval, and finally posted with your name & author-bio (and contact info if you wish).

How We Fund the Magazine

As part of our mission to make meditation available to as many people as possible, we make all of our written content available for free instead of asking for subscriptions.  Meditation Magazine is mostly supported by volunteers & donations.  We also allow our authors to monetize their articles by using affiliate links for books & products they recommend, as well as selling their own meditation-oriented books and products through our website.  We also make money when people buy books from our “Best Books” page.  If you want to support Meditation Magazine’s mission of providing free meditation information and bringing meditation into the mainstream culture of our civilization, please support us by either donating (click the “donate” button below), buying a book through our Meditation Bookstore, or email us to ask how you can volunteer.


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