We just published our first print issue of Meditation Magazine here in NYC  ???

We’re super excited about how it came out. It’s fun, it’s trippy, and it’s full of awesome. We interviewed amazing people like Adam Sobel (founder of The Cinnamon Snail) and Carla Hammond (creator of the Be Time Bus!!!), and got article submissions from Matthew Kenney(!!), Mark Van Buren and others.

We had a team of 15 people working on this, the inaugural, Autumn 2018 issue of Meditation Magazine. And now we have 1000+ copies to distribute throughout the city 🙂

The past couple of months have been a crazy journey. Nobody knew magazine publishing could be so complicated. But it’s been amazing, and we are so grateful for all the beautiful people who worked with us to make this happen.

We think this is the coolest, funkiest meditation magazine in the world right now. Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂

You can browse/download it here for free, or email jovanna@meditationmag.com with your name, cell # and mailing address to order a physical copy or two (or ten – seriously, we have a lot of them)!

Kevin Ellerton
Kevin is an ever-changing flow of matter and energy that is often described as "human." From the perspective of those who perceive him as a discrete entity, Kevin has been traveling the world, teaching & writing about meditation since 2010. Kevin loves you and wants you to be happy. In his words, "we are all one consciousness," or some weird hippie crap like that.