MeditationMag is now the largest online meditation magazine for millennials. But we didn’t start this magazine to win at Google. We started MeditationMag with the goal of helping to promote peace, love, and meditation in the society at large. For that reason, we are now launching the Heart Centered Ventures initiative ?

We’ve incorporated Heart Centered Ventures LLC, which is now the parent company of MeditationMag. More importantly, though, Heart Centered Ventures will be the umbrella under which we’re able to develop other socially responsible businesses as well.

The goal of Heart Centered Ventures is to help “good” businesses grow and thrive.

While most VC & consulting firms equate “good businesses” with “profitable businesses,” we define “good businesses” as those that promote peace, love, happiness, and consciousness in society. We believe that blindly chasing ROI is a waste of a lifetime. We can think of no better way to use our time than to help make the world a better place, through socially responsible entrepreneurship. We are therefore focusing mainly on helping yoga, meditation & vegan businesses to grow and thrive. Starting right here in NYC.

At the same time, with every new heart-centered venture we work with, we’re building a network of heart-centered businesses, a community of socially oriented entrepreneurs, which lends strength to all of its members.

Some of the ways in which we can help:

  • Business development
  • Strategy & execution
  • Angel investing
  • Acquiring VC Funding
  • Retail & office spaces
  • Hiring & outsourcing
  • Web & app development
  • Digital marketing
  • PR & Promotion (MedMag & more)

How we make this sustainable:

We only have finite resources, and as much as we’d like to, we can’t help everyone. In order for the HCV initiative to remain sustainable, we create mutually beneficial partnerships with all of our member companies. We provide services at affordable rates, and receive a mixture of cash and equity. This allows us to actively participate as partners in a wide variety of socially responsible businesses, which creates positive incentives for vertical & horizontal integration (for example, Heart Centered Ventures partners get more promotion opportunities through MeditationMag than non-affiliated organizations).


To apply to become a Heart Centered Venture company, please email, with a description of your businesses and an explanation of why you think we’d be a good fit.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.