Rachel Brathen was one of the first influencers to popularize yoga & meditation on Instagram. Her awesome photos and authentic, vulnerable, heartfelt posts have resonated with millions of people, and have garnered her 2.1mm followers (as of August 2020).

Rachel began her journey into spiritual superstardom as a young girl in Sweden. Over the years, she has evolved into a wife, mother, teacher, author, podcaster, serial entrepreneur & humanitarian. You can follow her epic journey on instagram @yoga_girl.

Since Rachel lives in Aruba and we’re in New York, we interviewed her via Skype for our upcoming issue of Meditation Magazine, which will be on shelves internationally on September 28th, 2020!

The unscripted, unedited interview is below. Check out the printed magazine for the full article!

Kevin Ellerton
Kevin is an ever-changing flow of matter and energy that is often described as "human." From the perspective of those who perceive him as a discrete entity, Kevin has been traveling the world, teaching & writing about meditation since 2010. Kevin loves you and wants you to be happy. In his words, "we are all one consciousness," or some weird hippie crap like that.