Music From The Self

Music has a great influence on us, as human beings. We’ve all experienced how a song can make us feel, filling our hearts with emotions.

Here in Spain, we have a saying: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Words like these can tell us just how deeply this beautiful art penetrates into our hearts.

Music & meditation share something in essence. There’s no better meditation than to stay in the state of presence as pure consciousness. Music, when it ́s created from this natural state of Being, has a wonderful vibration.

Since childhood, a constant inner need to sing and play music flowed through me. Without thinking, I did so; feeling a deep well every time I embraced this part of myself. I soon discovered that music would be my partner and my way of life.

As I grew and deepened in this world, I realized how much competitiveness and struggle of egos existed. This society, where one must constantly breathe “better,” “worse,” “more,” “less,” “good,” or “bad,” affects my way of sharing my creativity.

For a time, I believed in this battle, and studied for eight hours a day to be “the best.” I forgot that freshness and beauty, that experience of pure and spontaneous creativity, and tried to make music from a place of competitiveness. This is the kind of ego-consciousness that runs rampant in the world of art.

I am grateful that I eventually found my way back to where I had started from. My attention returned to my inmost being, and I once again found that feeling of lightness and natural happiness that I had enjoyed as a child. It is when you stop identifying with your false “I,” and you simply are; that is when you can experience the deep joy of music — a joy and happiness that can ́t be compared with anything else in this world.

This reflection is an invitation to Be, to embrace the Unity, to enjoy creating and sharing from our natural state, from Love. May we bring that vibration to music and to everything we do. May our journeys into soul bring us peace and harmony.

Daniel Espada

Daniel Espada
Daniel Espada is a multi composer - instrumentalist from Madrid. His project "Organic meditation music" offers meditative music with ancient instruments, composed from the heart. More information: